Howard Smith

On March 26, 2012

omg !! I have been taking force factor for 2 weeks . I’m so amazed at what it has done for me. I’m someone who use to be in great shape but due to an injury and not being able to walk for over a yr, I put on almost 100 pounds. the first day I took force factor ( body rush ) I was able to add 10 pounds and 3 reps to my bench press alone. I added 5 pounds to curls and focus was outstanding. fast foreward 14 days later, I’ve lost almost 10 pounds and my body already looks a lot better. I’m stronger and arms and chest are bigger. I will continue to use the products forever. The force factor, body rush and ramp up are awesome to use together. I love it I love it ! Thanks force factor !!!.


Karyn Johnson

On February 3, 2012

January was EXPLOSIVE right out of the gate!!!!


I am honored to be part of the Force Factor team and I take this journey very seriously.  I look for and take advantage of every opportunity to share my love of fitness and FF supplements! Since the beginning of 2012 I have been extremely busy! Along with working as a manager in retail; I have 3 children and teach group fitness at 24 Hour Fitness. I am spreading my love of group fitness in 3 different clubs! I love teaching so much I drive 1 hour and 15 minutes to the lovely city of Boynton Beach. I am also excited to gain my Personal Training certification in a couple of months. My training has been hands on and done at the amazing World Fitness Association here in Ft. Lauderdale. Being certified as a Personal Trainer will allow me to help more individuals conquer their fitness goals and climb to new levels of health.


I often ask people in my class….Why do you workout? What are your fitness goals? I love to hear their responses and I am glad I can be part of their accomplishments! It touches my soul every time one of my class participants shares their story with me. My personal testimony is this…..14 years ago my oldest daughter was born with VACTER Syndrome. I stood by her side watching day in and day out as she had surgery after surgery! She has had over 15 surgeries, including 2 open heart. As I stood there by her side in multiple NICU units, I knew that I would not only have to be physically strong, but mentally strong for her! She has overcome many obstacles in her life and will always face certain challenges, but she is an amazing individual! So not only do I workout for myself, but I workout to set a good example for my children, my family, and the people I know and have the pleasure to meet everyday. My family and I look forward to working out together. We try to run, walk, or ride bikes around our community and my two oldest even join me in pump class sometimes. My workouts now consists of 4 – 5 full body weight training classes a week, 2 bootcamp classes, cardio 5 days a week, and one active rest day.


I have endless goals for 2012. At the top of my list are finishing Personal Training, joining CROSSFIT, and possibly joining the NPC and entering my first FIGURE show. Force Factor’s Nitric Oxide capsules and Cherry Limeade BODYRUSH help me with my everyday fitness and will help me reach my goals in 2012. I can not forget to mention how amazing the Cherry Limeade BODYRUSH tastes….DELICIOUS!!!! I am thankful for everyday that I am given to wake up and enjoy the people I love. I do not take for granted the fact that I have the ability to be physically active. Some are not provided that luxury in life; therefore, I am forever grateful!


NOW LET’S DO THIS! 2012 is the year we change global obesity!!!!!! Until February remember……HARD WORK WILL PAY OFF!!!


Jonathan Antignani

On February 3, 2012

My Name is Jonathan Antignani, One of the new 2012 sponsored athletes for Team Force Factor. I am an NPTI advanced certified personal trainer with a degree in nutrition. Fitness is my passion and I love inspiring and watching my clients transform themselves. It is very rewarding to be able to give people the tools and confidence needed to make positive change and live a healthier and more desirable lifestyle.

On top of my passion for personal training, I love pushing my own body and physique to new, incredible levels. I am an NPC National Level Men’s Physique competitor on my journey to become a professional athlete and obtain my IFBB Men’s Physique Pro Card.

I have put in a lot of hard work and self discipline to get to where I am, but the results and outcomes are more rewarding than you could imagine, and that’s what drives me and keeps me going. From seeing my clients making a complete reformation in their lifestyles to pushing myself to new levels and having the opportunity to step on the 2011 NPC National Championship stage, to having the opportunity to become a part of the 2012 Force Factor team, that is what keeps me going and gives me the drive to push myself further and continue to help and inspire others.

I am pumped to be working with Team Force Factor and cannot wait to continue to inspire you all and give you the tools and knowledge needed to push yourselves as far as I have been able to. Thank you all for being a part of my journey and I promise it is going to be an excellent tour for us all!


Seth Urich

On February 3, 2012

May 15th 2010 was the day I entered the gym at 335lbs at the age of 22 years old. I’ve been going to the gym for the past nine months and been on Force Factor for the past six months. I’ve lost 90 lbs and in the best shape of my life and I’m continuing to loose weight while gaining muscle. Force Factor has definitely changed my life for the best.


Joe Botkin

On February 3, 2012

I researched Force Factor and felt that it was a product that I should try. I am 54 years old and was working out sparingly. After using Force Factor for about 3 weeks I noticed an improvement in endurance. I was doing 3 sets of my weight lifting routine every other day and was quickly able to go to 4 sets and add additional weight to each exercise usually a 5 to 10 % increase in weight. Now after 60 days I have increased all my workout weights by 20%. And after an additional month I have added a 5th set to my routine and have gone from 25 minutes of cardio every other day to 35 minutes with a great pump and feeling good after the workout instead of exhausted. Also, I am now able to recover quicker and I am working out 7 days a week alternating weight lifting with cardio every other day. I have not noticed any side effects as long as I consume plenty of water throughout the day. The product seems to be most effective when taken about 60 minutes before your workout. Over the last 60 days I have added an inch to my chest and a half an inch to my biceps and increased my energy level tremendously. My girlfriend says Honey, you look great. Thank you Force Factor for the great product!


Matt Stephens

On February 3, 2012

Sirs: I can unabashedly testify that Force Factor played a very central part of my recovery from very ,nearly deadly loss of muscle and energy levels that I NEVER thought I would recover. A sense of well being and stamina are central to recovery. A mountain of Thanks to the bio-engineers and nitric oxide . If I didn’t mean it I wouldn’t have taken the time.


Chris Ciccone

On February 2, 2012

Ive been lifting now for over 3 years and ive seen results with other products but my friend told me about the body rush by force factor, so i tried it out and i have never been in better shape in my life. I can physically see the muscle gain very good product I highly recomend it to anybody who is trying to get in shape and look great


Brad Attaway

On January 27, 2012

Nitric Oxide (NO2) and L-Arginine, along with protein and creatine, is an essential element of any good exercise supplement program. Force Factor’s advanced formula represents the pinnacle of NO2 science. I fell badly out of shape when I retired from a decade of elite athletic competition: I gained more than 40 pounds of fat even as my strength and energy decreased–not to mention my relationship satisfaction. I lost confidence, my girlfriend was unhappy… I needed to make a change. I spent weeks working in the gym and on my bike with little result.

Then my friend told me about Force Factor. I ordered their free sample and noticed a change in my workouts–small at first, but increasing quickly: I recovered faster between sets which let me put up more weight more times and increased my endurance, I recovered faster after long rides so I could function better in the rest of my life and get back on the bike sooner, I got immediate aesthetic and performance boosts as the blood pumped through my veins bringing oxygen and nutrients to fuel my muscles.

It was incredible. In 8 weeks I had dropped 24 pounds and totally resculpted my physique. My girlfriend was amazed and at the beach her friends took notice as well. Force Factor NO2 made it possible. I continue to make gains and look forward to being in the best shape of my life!


Sara Akingbade

On January 15, 2012

My name is Sarah Akingbade and I am 22-year-old college student majoring in Early Childhood Education. I started lifting weights after I meet my husband my first year of college. I was the un-athletic book nerd and he was a regular gym junkie. We spent the first year of our courtship my way… which included a lot of cuddling, movies and pizza! I was a chubby girl already but when we both started adding extra fluff we decided it was time to make some life changes! I’ve lost about 50 lbs of fat and gained a lot of hard earned muscle. It was a tough challenge to get me in the gym when my idea of working out was taking a long walk around the block, but by pushing myself in the gym I learned that I was capable of so much more than I had ever thought possible!


Bill Kennedy

On January 3, 2012

I have recently started back to the gym. I wanted something that was going to give me fast results to keep me motivated. I tried Force Factor through a free trial. I wasn,t seeing the results at first but then started taking 4 pills prior to my work outs and have noticed fast muscle and strength gains. I am able to power through my workouts like crazy! The only thing was I was adding muscle faster than I was shedding fat. I am awaiting a free sample of ramp up and will add as a stack(thanks Force Factor). I will check back in to report how it works.