Sara Akingbade

On January 15, 2012

My name is Sarah Akingbade and I am 22-year-old college student majoring in Early Childhood Education. I started lifting weights after I meet my husband my first year of college. I was the un-athletic book nerd and he was a regular gym junkie. We spent the first year of our courtship my way… which included a lot of cuddling, movies and pizza! I was a chubby girl already but when we both started adding extra fluff we decided it was time to make some life changes! I’ve lost about 50 lbs of fat and gained a lot of hard earned muscle. It was a tough challenge to get me in the gym when my idea of working out was taking a long walk around the block, but by pushing myself in the gym I learned that I was capable of so much more than I had ever thought possible!