Doug Hughes

On October 25, 2011

I am 32 and I haven’t been in the gym for five years. A week ago i joined the gym and got force factor. I dreaded the soreness part of first lifting again well with force factor it been amazing!! Hardly any soreness. Recovery time is unreal! and what amazes me the most I increased my bench a hundred pounds in only a week!!


Rob Luckett

On October 18, 2011

Just good clean energy. No jitters, or crashes. It’s tough to even describe the feeling I get when I’m using Body Rush. Other supplements bring me up and than bring me down just as fast, but BR just gives me the energy when I need it. When I’m at the gym I’m nice and relaxed while on BR and than I pick up the weights and boom the energy is there. I feel like a lot of other supplements give me a “heady” rush of energy, where I’m all over the place and just jumping off the walls. Not with BR, It’s almost not even energy just an intense boost of strength and focus that allow me to take my work outs to a whole nother level. Thank you…I look forward to a potential post work out product a la cell tech or cell mass.


Zach Morgan

On October 18, 2011

Force Factor is the real deal. Due to my lack of energy and stamina in the weight room I lost motivation and confidence. With force factor I go twice as long in the gym. My recovery from these workouts are speedy and the results are noticed!


George Hovorka

On October 14, 2011

I am 53 years old and have tried many supplements over the years. I find Force Factor to be the best of the bunch. No stomach issues, no jittery feelings, just a good product that really works to get me where I want to be. Thank you Force Factor.


Richard Faith

On September 13, 2011

I gave myself Force Factor as a retirement gift when I turned 65. I am now in the best shape of my entire life, training for a hiking adventure in Nepal which I am confident I will be able to get in condition for. I was never in athletics in school. I have had back problems–including a paralysis hospitalization–and before this program would see chiropractor 2 or 3 times every month, more when I “made a mistake” of some kind. Now I see chiropractor once a year. This is core strength to overcome a birth defect. I am very pleased and hopeful about the future.


Ken Williamson

On August 17, 2011

I’m half way through with my test sample of Force Factor. This stuff is amazing, My lifts have gone up across the boards and I still had energy to burn after a work out that would of left me drained a few weeks before. I’ve lost over 100lbs in the past 2 years. I wish I new of this product when I first started my train and diet. I’m now losing fat and putting on muscle much faster. My trainer has noticed the difference in me energy levels during training and has remarked about my lifts suddenly going up. Try Force Factor you wont regret it.


Jason Winston

On August 8, 2011

I read the hype, checked out the reviews, and I have to say, I was scared that this product wasn’t to live up to it’s fame. After I had already purchased Force Factor, all I saw on the internet was negative view….I felt like I was going to receive a placebo. But NO, I’m here to tell you, this product does everything it says it do. I’m a Marine in the United States Marine Corps, currently depolyed to Afghanistan…and everyday Force Factor brings it’s ‘A’ game to the gym. For all the negative people, you got to understand, YOU GOT TO BRING IT IN THE GAME!!!! You can’t just take this supplement and expect to see strength gains and you’re not doing your part… let be real, you’re wasting your time and giving the product a bad rep, because you were tooo, and hear me again, tooo lazy to put out!!!!!! I bought the stack from GNC and if you want to see my results…check out my facebook and I’ll add you so you can see the results for yourself. The pre-work out Body Run give you that initial pump you need, you actually feel on edge after taking it 30mins prior to your workout. When you hit the gym, you feel like you can acheive anything… just when I feel like I can’t push the weight up any further on my last rep… out of no where, I’m able to push through and finish strong. I don’t know about you, but if I wasn’t taking this supplement I’d probably be fatigue after my first couple of sets. Then to top it off, you got Force Factors main product. So you’re getting your NO2 in the morning and in the afternoon according to the supplement directions (1-2 pills). Last thing I’m going to touch on is the Ramp Up… this stuff…Yes Sir… it’s putting the right touches on my abs!!!! ONCE AGAIN THOUGH, YOU GOT TO PUT IN THE WORK!!!! GO HARD AND FINISH HARD and this supplement will help you, Key Word, help you get to where you want to be. That’s it.. don’t want to beat a died horse, the product work!


Jonathan Sample

On July 13, 2011

I just received my free sample of Force Factor… and it was awesome!! I just bought some heavier weights for my P90X workout, and Force Factor gave me the push to get through the whole thing with energy to spare!! I can’t wait to get my sample of body rush!! THANKS FORCE FACTOR!!


William Taylor

On April 29, 2011

My name is William Taylor and I am 65 years young. On 5/2/11 I’ll be 66. When I first called and very dubiously asked about the product I weighed 256 lbs. I had congestive heart failure and emphazyzema and needless to say in Extreamly bad shape. Since taking Force Factor products,exercising and following the support text I now weigh 185,do 1/2 hour of Cardio and exercise in the gym for 1 hour six days a week. I now have purpose in my life and am on no medication. Thanks for saving my life.


Andres DeLaGarza

On April 29, 2011

“Before I started taking Force Factor I was so out of shape. The notion of going to the gym to work out was an afterthought. I looked in the mirror and I saw something I did not like. I was weighing 225lbs and needed to do something about it. I saw the ad for the free sample of Force Factor and decided to take a chance, even though I was skeptical that it would work. After taking Force Factor&Ramp Up for over a year, my weight dropped to its current 185lbs. I have so much energy to get up at 4am each day to go and work out 5 times a week. I know how a purpose. And I owe it all to Force Factor. Force Factor changed my life!!